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Qualified Practitioners Bringing Care to to your area!

Why Choose Us?

At Foundation's Mens Health Clinic, we provide reliable and affordable Men's Health services to South Alabama and surrounding areas. As your trusted Men's Health Care provider, our staff guarantees personalized attention to all of your Men's Health needs. We care about all of our patients, and offer extensive services to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. Get in touch and speak with one of our staff members today!


Get to Know 
Edward Williams, MD

My name is Dr. Edward Williams. I am a physician at Foundation Direct Primary Care and Men's Health Clinic. I started my DPC clinic in 2020 and have loved it ever since. 

When I am at home I love spending time with my family. I have two sons and one daughter. The boys keep my trauma skills up to date. If I am not at home, I am in the woods chasing whatever is in season. Do not be surprised if I am wearing snake boots to a consult visit. 

To relax I usually read or watch Sci- Fi on Netflix. Somewhere between Jocko and Jordan Peterson is where my mind usually stays. I try to live up to their examples. If you have not read their books, I would highly recommend them.

One of the reasons I am starting to build on my Direct Primary Care clinic, is that I have seen how a good relationship between the doctor and patient can make all the difference. I started Foundation Men's Health Clinic to fill a void in the region. Most men hate going to the doctor, especially for the issues listed in the services section. I do not blame them. I believe that this clinic will provide an unmatched healthcare experience and improve the quality of life for those who join. 

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