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You’ve Got Questions — We’ve Got Answers

A List of Common Queries at Your Disposal

Why should I not use an online Men's Health platform?

While online platforms serve their purpose. They do not provide the opportunity to have in person visits with a Physician. They often have a telemedicine visit with a mid level provider that will forget your name as soon as the call is over. Seems dangerous.

Do you take insurance?

We do not contract with insurance companies nor submit bills to them. We believe all decisions should be made between you and your doctor, not the insurance company. This allows us to take anyone as a patient and the freedom to prescribe the medication that is right for the individual, regardless of formularies. We take people, not insurance companies.

Are your practitioners certified professionals?


Dr. Edward Williams is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

What Medications Do You Prescribe?

Depends on the situation and the specific patient. For TRT, we offer Testosterone gel, drops that go on your skin, and injectables. For ED, generic forms of Viagra and Cialis are the most common ones. For PE, oral medications such as sertraline or topical spray or wipes. For weight loss, a compounded medication custom to the patient. For Hair loss, a customizable form of drops. All depends on the desires of the patient.

Can you take care of my other chronic conditions?

Absolutely. As a PCP (Primary Care Physician),                  Dr. Williams is able to take care of many other conditions as well. 

How long is the Contract?

As long as you want it to be. It is a monthly membership, there will be no contracts that hold you hostage. Cancel anytime you desire.

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