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How it Works

Foundation Men's Clinic is a cash pay, membership based arrangement for the services listed here. Health insurance is not required nor is it billed. Yes, you can still have health insurance and be a member. 

The first step would be to take the questionnaire below. (If you have issues with loading or connecting, email us and we will send it directly.)


Second, once completed, purchase a service . Once through the check out process, there will be an initial evaluation which includes a Physician consult, all pertinent lab work, follow up treatment plan, and the first month's medications (if necessary). As well as the ability to join the private supplement store.

You will receive directions on how to book your consult and lab orders via the email you provide, please make sure is not in your spam box.

At the consult visit, you and Dr. Williams will discuss labs, medication selection/ preference, and customized treatment plan moving forward. 

Continuing the monthly membership includes follow up visits, follow up lab work, treatment plans, and monthly medications (free shipping available). 

Let's get started.

*Medications will be only be prescribed if deemed necessary by the Physician and patient signs the consent form.*

** Refunds will be given upon request for any portion of the service not completed.**

*** Foundation Men's Health Clinic is for Men's Health only. If you would like full spectrum primary care, please see the Foundation Direct Primary Care link below.***

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